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rtls asset management

rtls asset management Knowing where all equipment is—in real time and at all times—has a broad range of critical financial, staffing, safety, regulatory, workflow and care delivery implications in a complex, fast moving healthcare environment.

Benefits include:

  • Optimized equipment utilization and accountability including rightsizing the pool of mobile medical equipment, reducing equipment loss, and minimizing rental costs
  • Optimized staff utilization, ensuring the best use of staff time to improve care delivery
  • More efficient workflow by reducing interruptions and time wasted locating equipment
  • Supporting patient safety efforts by ensuring that equipment is available and in proper working condition for appropriate and timely care delivery
  • Increased compliance with regulatory requirements by better management of preventative maintenance schedules

The Sonitor Sense™ open integration platform, powered by SmartZoning™ technology, enables asset management applications by delivering the most advanced, ultrasound-based, accurate, and flexible RTLS technology available for room, sub-room and bay level location capabilities. Click here to learn more about Asset Management.