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sonitor sense environmental monitoring

environmental monitoring rtlsBeing able to accurately monitor the temperature, humidity, and pressure of healthcare in real-time has a broad range of financial, safety, regulatory, and care delivery implications in complex, fast moving healthcare environments.

In addition to providing the most advanced and flexible RTLS capabilities, the Sonitor Sense™ platform, powered by SmartZoning™ technology, has the ability to monitor and report on environmental conditions. Sonitor Sense Location Transmitters can be optionally configured with a range of additional sensors which enable the monitoring of temperature, humidity, motion (passive infrared - PIR) and pressure. This can be important in areas such as:

  • Patient rooms where temperature and humidity levels are not only important for patients' comfort, but could have an impact on their health
  • Storage areas where, for instance, equipment, supplies and medicines are kept and where climate control can have an impact on their functionality and longevity and/or shelf life
  • Sensitive areas such as the pharmacy where only credentialed and approved personnel are allowed

In addition, the Sonitor Sense temperature SmartTags, when coupled with the appropriately configured location transmitters, support temperature monitoring over a wide range of applications. These tags can be used to accurately monitor the temperature of critical healthcare storage environments that contain temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmacy products, etc. in real-time. The tags are equipped with either an internal sensor or an external probe containing the sensor and can be configured to report measurements at regular intervals. Click here to learn more about the temperature SmartTags.

Benefits Include:

  • Safer pharmaceutical products
  • Safer medical environment
  • Increased patient safety
  • Compliance with USP797
  • Inventory recall risk avoidance
  • Accurate data to drive actionable decisions