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Sanford Medical Center Fargo deploys Sonitor's Sense ultrasound-based RTLS platform

July 31, 2017DOTmed

Sanford Medical Center Fargo in North Dakota recently deployed Sonitor Technologies' Sense ultrasound-based RTLS platform.

The 538-bed facility will initially use the platform to support workflow and asset management use cases. That will allow the medical staff to quickly locate and track equipment so they can provide better care to the patients.

"With the ability to track and maintain a variety of assets in real time, Sanford will dramatically improve the ease and accuracy of asset and inventory management resulting in increased savings and better overall outcomes," Sandra Rasmussen, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Sonitor Technologies, told HCB News. 

The platform also provides real-time cycle time capability, which will allow the facility to understand staff member workload, daily schedules and patient appointment numbers. That can then be translated into the proper number of resources so the facility doesn't have to make any guesses. 

Sonitor chose to base the Sense RTLS platform on ultrasound technology because extensive research and development proved that ultrasound provides the most consistently accurate and reliable location data for indoor RTLS applications. 

They found that ultrasound provides the fastest update rates, and that its signals are contained by walls, ceiling, windows and glass partitions. In the ICU there are many windows, but the tags will still report their correct location. 

Ultrasound also reflects nicely off any hard surface, which is used to enforce the correct location of a tag, and it penetrates clothing better than other technologies, like infrared light. 

The Sense RTLS platform was launched in 2013 and the company has seen a consistent growth of installations since then, according to Rasmussen. It's an open integration platform so it can be leveraged across many third-party software platforms and middleware. 

"As a result, our Sense deployments are enterprise-wide, such as at Sanford, and can also be seamlessly integrated with other health care platforms such as nurse call, which can often be smaller deployments," said Rasmussen.

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