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Sonitor Technologies Explores RTLS

August/September 2016Tech Nation

TechNation's free Webinar Wednesday series continues to provide valuable information to HTM professionals on a variety of pertinent topics - including RTLS.

The recent webinar "Driving Operational Efficiencies by Implementing RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems)," presented by Sonitor Technologies Director of Business Development and Sales Alan Tangen, explored the role RTLS can play in driving operational efficiency and cost avoidance in the health care environment. As part of his technological overview of how RTLS systems work in a health care environment, Tangen underscored the importance of RTLS accuracy and reliability, and why ultrasound-based systems provide the highest level of performance.

Specifically, Tangen discussed how RTLS, in addition to tracking assets, can provide contextual data related to assets and temperature monitoring that can help improve workflow, eliminate waste, reduce costs associated with excess inventory and avoid excess risk and cost associated with loss of temperature sensitive materials.

The in-depth presentation, zeroed in on a few key points that included:
• RTLS for asset tracking;
• RTLS for optimizing inventory utilization;
• RTLS for temperature monitoring;
• RTLS for waste management; and
• RTLS for workflow optimization.

The webinar is available online along with several resources including the webinar workbook, Sonitor Technologies company profile and three facts sheets provided by the company. For additional information about Sonitor Technologies, visit

The webinar was popular among HTM professionals with 200 attendees who applauded the series and the benefits it provides.

"I like the exposure to new products and information in the HTM field and these webinars provide great access to that," Josh R. wrote in his post-webinar survey following the Sonitor Technologies presentation.

"I find TechNation Webinars highly educating and informative; I simply love it. It makes me a smarter biomed," Alero O. wrote.

"TechNation webinars are an excellent recourse for continuing education credits. We have found them to answer some of the questions we have had for specific equipment management and the discussions on regulations and latest rules have been useful as well," Leroy S. wrote. "Keep up the good work TechNation."

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