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Sonitor Technologies Introduces Revolutionary New, High Definition RTLS Platform Sonitor Sense(TM)

February 26, 2013Wall Street Journal

Sonitor Technologies, a leader in Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) in healthcare, today announced the launch of their new RTLS open integration platform, Sonitor Sense(TM) . This unique system combines Sonitor's renowned High Definition Ultrasound(TM) technology with Wi-Fi, Low Frequency RF, and other sensory technologies, which can register motion, temperature, and humidity among other advanced features. The system also introduces intelligent Sonitor Sense(TM) tags that adapt to their environment. The result is a revolutionary RTLS system with increased usability, extreme battery life, and decreased Total-Cost-Of-Ownership.

Sonitor Sense(TM) is an open integration platform introducing features and functions never before seen in an RTLS platform. It addresses needs in home care, clinics, as well as large multi-campus healthcare facilities, and supports more applications than any other RTLS solution. Sonitor Sense(TM) is the most versatile system available on the market. Its key benefits include:

-- Coarse level positioning using Wi-Fi, room level accuracy and True-Bay-Level positioning using ultrasound
-- Low Frequency RF complementing ultrasound for low latency application
-- Battery powered 100% wire-free for ease of installation and rapid deployment or wired if you prefer
-- Industry leading tag update rates for low latency application
-- Intelligent tags that adapt to their environment
-- Unparalleled battery-life
-- Out of the box, minimal tuning and calibration needed
-- Uniquely scalable system that accommodates installations of any size
-- Open Integration Platform connected to the largest number of solution providers.

"This is a significant leap forward in technology which will greatly benefit solution providers looking for exceptional functionality, flexibility, and a reliability," said Arvid Gomez, Sonitor Technologies Inc. President. "The new solution is offered both as a complete Sonitor RTLS platform and as an OEM solution to technology partners" he continued.

Sonitor Technologies will exhibit in booth 1763 at the HIMSS 2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans from March 3-7.

About Sonitor Technologies
Established in 1997 in response to the healthcare industry's need to improve operations visibility. Sonitor Technologies' tired resolution Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) with patented High Definition capabilities are specifically developed and designed for indoor positioning in complex environments. Sonitor is selected by world-class partners to build industry-leading solutions for global deployment.

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