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RTLS Leader Sonitor Technologies Teams with Infonaut On Infectious Disease Surveillance System for University Health Network

February 22, 2012

Sonitor Technologies, a leader in Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS), today announced that it is teaming with disease surveillance, infection prevention and control expert Infonaut to deploy its real-time infectious disease surveillance system at University Health Network in Toronto. The system, Hospital Watch Live, is designed to control and stop hospital acquired infections using sophisticated software and advanced RTLS hardware. Hospital Watch Live relies upon Sonitor's advanced real time locating system which will enable UHN to track movement, contact and interaction of patients in real time. The wireless system uses advanced, high definition ultrasound receivers and tags for tracking, providing exceptional room and sub-room accuracy.

Data generated by the system will enable equipment tracking throughout the unit, swift response to infectious disease outbreaks, and increase hand hygiene compliance. The information collected will also enable UHN to conduct studies on techniques to increase quality and better protect staff from exposure to infections, helping everyone on the unit understand and break the chain of transmission.

According to Infonaut President Niall Wallace, "This is a very important project for the healthcare community not just here in Canada, it has global implications. With so much riding on this, it was critical to integrate our system with the best RTLS system available."

Sonitor Technologies Chairman Richard Tabbutt commented, "We're thrilled to be an integral part of advancing patient care in a meaningful way. This outcome of this project is highly dependent on deploying the most advanced and sophisticated technologies. We are confident that together with Infonaut we are going to have a significant impact at this site and beyond."

In addition to enterprise wide applications, such as for equipment tracking, Sonitor's wireless system builds on the newest generation of "plug and play" High Definition Wireless receivers which can establish several location zones inside the same room. This allows for workflow and safety applications, such as patient-caregiver-equipment interaction event recording, hand sanitation compliance monitoring/alerts, clinical information screen auto-log-on/log-off and other applications requiring reliable accuracy. Wallace commented on the ease of installation, stating , "The time it takes to get receivers in place per room is only about ten minutes which is remarkable."

Sonitor's RTLS receiver infrastructure leverages any existing local area network, whether wired or wireless, for communication of RTLS signals to a central server. Due to the simple location detection of the Sonitor system, only very small amounts of data are transmitted over the LAN, saving bandwidth for other important hospital transmissions. Once the system is up, there is no need for repeated calibrations to adjust for changes in signal interference as is often required with other RTLS technologies. The addition of this new functionality brings this already advanced system to new levels of efficiency.

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