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Innovative Healthcare RTLS Provider Sonitor Technologies Signs New OEM Agreement with McRoberts Security Technologies

March 4, 2013

Sonitor Technologies, the innovative RTLS company in healthcare, today announced it has signed a new OEM agreement to provide their cutting edge RTLS technology to McRoberts Security Technologies, a leading full-service provider of enterprise-wide infant security solutions. The agreement continues to build rapid market recognition for the company's newly released and revolutionary Sonitor SenseTM RTLS Platform.

"With this agreement a key, leading industry player will build their solution on the advanced Sonitor SenseTM platform," said Sonitor President Arvid Gomez. "This arrangement simply could not have been made with any other vendor as the McRoberts solution requires unparalleled accuracy, reliability and robustness that only Sonitor SenseTM offers," he asserted.

Mike Beckerich, Senior Vice-President of McRoberts Security Technologies added, "Combining our Bridge Middleware® with new Sonitor SenseTM platform will take patient tracking and protection to a new level of location precision with the exceptional room- level accuracy of Sonitor SenseTM which is far superior to tracking systems based on RFID or WiFi alone."

Sonitor SenseTM is a unique system which combines Sonitor's renowned High Definition UltrasoundTM technology with Wi-Fi, Low Frequency RF, and other sensory technologies, which can register motion, temperature, and humidity among other advanced features. The system also introduces intelligent Sonitor SenseTM tags that adapt to their environment. The result is a revolutionary RTLS system with increased usability, extreme battery life, and decreased Total-Cost-Of-Ownership.

Sonitor SenseTM is an open integration platform introducing features and functions never before seen in an RTLS platform. It addresses needs in home care, clinics, as well as large multi-campus healthcare facilities, and supports more applications than any other RTLS solution including advanced security and safety applications like that of McRoberts Sercurity Technologies. Sonitor SenseTM is the most versatile system available on the market.

The Sonitor agreement with McRoberts is an indicator of the convergence between the RTLS industry. Safety and security applications are becoming increasingly reliant on highly accurate RTLS system components which enable safety and security applications for peace of mind.

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