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Sonitor Technologies Introduces New Wireless Receiver Infrastructure to RTLS System

June 23, 2011

Sonitor Technologies, Inc. , a leader in Real Time Locating Systems, today announced the availability of a new wireless receiver infrastructure which will make installation a "plug and play" operation.
Chosen by many leading hospitals, and preferred by leading RTLS solution integrators, Sonitor's receiver offering now comprise full installation and communication flexibility, allowing receivers to communicate with the server either wirelessly via 802.15.4, the existing WiFi, or via Ethernet. The receiver units can even be powered by batteries if a 110 V is not available or via POE if Ethernet is chosen. This development solidifies Sonitor's leadership position in the healthcare facilities market with its superior ultrasound RTLS location accuracy performance to area, room and sub-room levels.

Sonitor Technologies President Terry Aasen commented, "The new wireless receivers' installation simplicity and flexibility yields great installation cost efficiency, and added to Sonitor's renowned ultrasound location accuracy performance this translates into maximum financial return for the end- user."

Dr. Michael Gonzales, Vice Chair and Director of Operations, Emergency Department at VCU Medical Center, added, "The ability to plug and play as a result of this advanced, next generation of wireless receiver infrastructure should bring greater efficiencies to Sonitor's system, further supporting ease of use and installation. Also, where renovations and modifications are being planned in a facility, this reduces anxiety about having fixed devices on walls. A system like this which is adaptable to a changing facility makes it much more practical."

In addition to enterprise wide applications, such as for equipment tracking, the wireless functionality builds on the newest generation of "plug and play" High Definition Receivers which can establish several location zones inside the same room. This allows for workflow and safety applications, such as patient- caregiver-equipment interaction event recording, hand sanitation compliance monitoring/alerts, clinical information screen auto-log-on/log-off and other applications requiring reliable accuracy.

The Sonitor RTLS receiver infrastructure leverages any existing local area network, either wired or wireless, for communication of RTLS signals to a central server. Due to the simple location detection of the Sonitor system, only very small amounts of data are transmitted over the LAN, saving bandwidth for other important hospital tasks. Once the system is up, there is no need for repeated calibrations to adjust for changes in signal interference as often required with other RTLS technologies. The addition of this new functionality brings this already advanced system to new levels of efficiency from installation forward.

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