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sonitor e-tag

The Sonitor® E-Tag is a small battery powered wireless device to be affixed to movable objects for tracking purposes as part of Sonitor's Real Time Locating System (RTLS).


  • When moving and/or at preset intervals the E-Tag transmits its own identification code using ultrasound. A Sonitor receiver (microphone) hears and transfers the tag's ID code to the server (software) which stores the tag's location and time-stamp information in its database.
  • The E-Tag is equipped with two push-buttons which can be individually configured to send messages applicable to the object the tag is attached to, e.g. Needs repair, Needs cleaning, Needs transport, Help.

Tag versions

There are two versions of the E-Tag:

  • E-Tag (TAG-E001) - The standard E-Tag with two push buttons and a status LED
  • E-Tag with tether (TAG-E003) - Identical to E-Tag, but also equipped with an additional tether that includes a tampering sensor designed to provide an alert when the tether is cut or opened


  • The tag circuitry is activated by its built in motion sensor, a timer, by one of the signal buttons or the tamper sensor switch. Otherwise the circuitry is in a battery saving "sleep mode".
  • Before entering sleep mode the tag will transmit a few special signals indicating that the tag no longer is in motion.


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