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HDR, ASR and HDR Gateway

Sonitor High Definition Receiver (HDR)

High Definition Receiver (HDR)

Raising the bar for RTLS performance - the Sonitor High Definition Receiver (HDR) has been developed in response to the growing need for an indoor RTLS technology which provides reliable 100% room-level or sub-room level location accuracy with simple and flexible deployment and Wi-Fi or Ethernet network connectivity.

The HDR microphones detect ultrasound messages from Sonitor Tags. These messages, containing the unique Tag-ID, are processed by the HDR using Sonitor's patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms. The processed information is then transferred to the Sonitor IPS server over an existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet local area network.

A customer selected third-party application software interfaces with the Sonitor server software, and presents the accurate real-time location of the ultrasound Tags to the application user.

Multiple Zones with One Unit
The High Definition Receiver can be configured to resolve several sub-zones within the same room from a single unit.

Flexible Connectivity
The High Definition Receiver is equipped with technology which enables easy and flexible deployment:

  • Wi-Fi support
  • Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) with power forwarding
  • Daisy chaining capability
  • DHCP assigned IP addresses

Built-in Wi-Fi support enables the Sonitor HDR to leverage existing Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi module supports IEEE 802.11b/g with WPA/WPA2 security as well as several other common and advanced security protocols.

HDR datasheet
To receive the datasheet and more information about the HDR, plase send us an e-mail request.

Analog Satellite Receiver (ASR)

The Sonitor Analog Satellite Receiver (ASR) cost effectively increases the utilization, coverage and flexibility of Sonitor's powerful High Definition Receiver (HDR).

To increase the utilization and flexibility of the High Definition Receiver (HDR), the Analog Satellite Receiver (ASR) can be used for remote placement of the HDR microphones.

In a HDR and ASR combination the HDR is the "engine" and powers the ASR. Together they can cover up to three separate zones in a room more flexibly than when just using a HDR. The combination can even cover rooms or areas that are physically separated by walls.

ASR functionality
The exterior of the ASR is identical to the High Definition Receiver to provide a consistent look when installed.

The ASR is a cost efficient Receiver which can be used as a supplement to the HDR when multiple location zones are to be provided.

Just like the HDR, the ASR has three available slots for adjustable turret microphones. One or two microphones can be installed in each ASR, and the microphones can be pointed in different directions, which enables flexible placement of the ASR. Microphone waveguides help to establish specific location zones as needed for individual applications.

The ASR microphones detect ultrasound messages from Sonitor's IPS Tags and pass the information on to the High Definition Receiver. The HDR then processes the information using Sonitor’s patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms. The processed information is transferred to the Sonitor IPS Server.

HDR/ASR configurations
The HDR is equipped with four microphone connectors of which three can be used for microphones installed in the HDR. As an option one or two of the HDR connectors can be used for microphones installed externally, remote from the HDR, in one or two Analog Satellite Receivers. The total amount of microphones for any combination of ASR and HDR is limited by the four HDR microphone connectors. By utilizing the HDR and ASR combination the HDR can cover both a patient room with one or two zones, the attached restroom and the hallway outside the room.

ASR datasheet
To receive the datasheet and more information about the ASR, plase send us an e-mail request.

HDR Gateway and Wireless Receiver

Together the HDR Gateway and the Wireless Receiver form the Sonitor Wireless Ultrasound RTLS Infrastructure. The solution combines industry leading accuracy performance with the ultimate in cost-efficient installation, powering and communication simplicity.

Sonitor Wireless Infrastructure Products
The Wireless Receiver is the wireless alternative to Sonitor's line of High Definition ultrasound receivers. This unit offers a completely wireless solution including optional battery powered operation.

The HDR Gateway, based on the High Definition Receiver (HDR), is a multifunction device combining ultrasound receive capabilities with a RF gateway between Wireless Receivers and the hospital network.

Infrastructure Communication
In the Sonitor Wireless infrastructure the HDR Gateway is the link between the Wireless Receivers and the Sonitor RTLS Server. Being a multifunction device the HDR Gateway also offers ultrasound receive functionality.

The HDR Gateway communicates both with the Sonitor RTLS Server over IP and with the Wireless Receiver using a 802.15.4 RF link.

As with all Sonitor's Receivers, the Wireless Receiver provides high definition, reliable room or sub-room level positioning data based on Sonitor's unique ultrasound technology (USID).


  • Industry leading location reliability and adaptability - Area, Room, Sub-room
  • Flexible power sources - Mains power outlet or internal standard batteries (3 - 5 years battery life)
  • Reliable IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication RF solution with extended range - typically 100 ft/30 meters through multiple walls in indoor environments
  • Flexible communications to the hospital's IP network
Product datasheets
To receive the datasheet and more information about the HDR-G and Wireless Receiver, plase send us an e-mail request.


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