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Sonitor P-Tag

The Sonitor® P-Tag has been designed using feedback from hospital personnel, specifically to be worn by patients and personnel. The unique construction consists of a reusable electronics core and a disposable, single use (and waterproof) outer shell which makes the P-Tag safe, comfortable and economical to use.


The low-cost, single patient disposable shell eliminates infection control issues, and the reusable core allows for repeated use of the electronics components.

P-Tag Core

  • The core contains the electronic circuitry for the Sonitor ultrasound based Real Time Locating system (RTLS).
  • Protected against possible infectious contamination by the disposable outer shell, the core is designed for repeated use without the need for cleaning.

P-Tag Shell

  • The disposable shell is designed for single patient use. To eliminate battery handling concerns, disposable batteries are already installed.
  • The materials and shape have been chosen for wearable comfort as well as easy attachment and removal by authorized hospital personnel.


  • The P- Tag clam shell snaps easily onto, and becomes safely attached to, any standard patient wristband, or similar band or lanyard.
  • Opening the disposable shell to remove the core requires a special tool, and renders the shell useless, thus preventing reuse of a potentially contaminated shell.
  • The removed core is now immediately ready for repeat use inside a new shell.


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