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Sonitor Sense RTLS location engin

The Sonitor Sense Location Engine is the part of the Sonitor Sense RTLS that communicates with the infrastructure of the system and distributes the information to the client applications connected to the server.

The tags of the Sonitor Sense RTLS transmit their identity, status and received location information over Wi-Fi to the Sonitor Sense Location Engine via the access points of the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. The
Sonitor Sense Location Engine can calculate the position of the Sonitor Sense tags based on the received Wi-Fi signals of the access points.

The RTLS data harvested through the communication between the Sonitor Sense tags, the Sonitor Sense infrastructure and the existing Wi-Fi network is made available for RTLS applications through the Sonitor Sense Location Engine.

The RTLS data is then used to support a variety of RTLS applications that are run on workstations and wireless devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast and reliable communication
  • Automatic and reliable filtering and qualification of location data
  • Simple interfacing for integration with software applications to create customer specific RTLS software solutions
  • Automatic initiation and monitoring of infrastructure network
  • Event logging


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