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Ultra-Accurate RTLS For Patients, Staff and Equipment

Sonitor Sense™ SmartTags incorporate Sonitor's proprietary ultrasound positioning technology, with Wi-Fi, and LF technologies. They are designed with the logic to know their location, and to instantaneously communicate a change in position within 1-3 seconds over a facility's Wi-Fi network. In addition to true real-time location status, the tags also provide the contextual information that customers have come to rely on from Sonitor, and industry-leading battery life for low maintenance and cost.

Sonitor offers the tag in two form factors, the SmartTag and the SmartTag Mini™. The latest form factor, the SmartTag Mini™ is the smallest full feature, active RTLS tag currently available. It is a multi-use tag designed for patients, staff and smaller-sized mobile equipment with limited surfaces.The novel design is also water resistant, facilitating sterilization, and allows patients to shower or bathe with the tag. It comes with a tamper-proof option that triggers an alert for non-compliant removal by patients. Equipped with two programmable buttons that can be pressed to initiate a variety of notifications, the tags' multi-colored LED provides visual confirmation of button activation.

The SmartTags provide hospitals with the most advanced and efficient technology for a variety of RTLS applications, such as Patient Wandering, Infant Protection, Theft Prevention, as well as for proximity applications including Hand Hygiene Compliance.


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