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S-Tag: For Hospital staff


The Sonitor® Staff Tag is small and lightweight and integrates seamlessly with existing personal identification badges through a variety of attachment accessories.

The S-Tag is developed in close cooperation with leading healthcare information technology providers and their hospital clients.

The Staff Tag complements Sonitor Technologies' existing tag solution offering for patient (P-Tag) and equipment positioning (E-Tag). It has been designed with the healthcare worker in mind, focusing on wearability, hygiene, long battery life and reliability.

The Staff Tag features two buttons and a multi-color LED that enables the wearer to communicate requests or status remotely, thus saving time and enhancing workflow.

Sub-room location benefits
As with all of Sonitor's tags, the new S-Tag also takes advantage of the hallmark room and sub-room location performance delivered by Sonitor's ultrasound based Real Time Locating System (RTLS).

High Definition locating of staff members enables automatic functions such as:

  • Nurse presence and nurse-call cancellation
  • Logon/logoff access to patient information
  • Access control
  • Workflow support

Interaction and association event monitoring and other advanced functions are contained in the application software developed by Sonitor's RTLS solutions partners.

S-Tag datasheet
To receive the datasheet and more information about the S-Tag, plase send us an e-mail request.


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